About Us

We are a small Australian business that has a unique look on fashion. You have all these high fashion brands today, that all the stars are carrying or wearing, and the massive the price tags that come with these high brands. We are talking about heart attack inducing prices! We are talking thousands of dollars!! The average person can not simply drop thousands of dollars, even three or four hundred dollars on a single item!  

Here at DropBuyOz we feel fashion should not cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars.  We know when we look our best, we feel our best! So why should that feeling cost us a week's rent just for a new dress or a pair of sunglasses, or even a shirt?! 

So to fight this war on our pocket books and wallets, welcome to DropBuyOz,  high fashion with out the high price!

Feel free to contact us at dropbuyoz@outlook.com and we will answer any questions that you have!

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